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Santa Test Run

A couple years ago, I took a walk along the Inlet and caught Santa doing test runs getting ready for his “big day”. Test Run

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Sabattier Effect Revisited

I got an email from someone asking about the Sabattier Effect. After answering his questions, I realized I had not done anything using this effect for quite some time. So I dug up an image […]

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Wednesday Collage

Every once in a while, I like to make collages of various photos I have taken. Sometimes there is a reason to it, but often just a fleeting thought. This morning I was reviewing some […]

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Project 365 – Day 24

This morning I walked around the house looking for subject matter for Day 24. I ended up shooting this palm frond and then took it into the digital darkroom of my laptop and applied a […]

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Project 365 – Days 21 22 & 23

Most of the activity on Day 21 was getting ready for a major winter storm. Predictions called for a lot of freezing rain, turning to ice thus creating possible power outages. A quick trip to […]

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Project 365 – Days 19 & 20

Day 19 found me driving through Huntington Beach State Park. I was out running errands so I hoped that there would be something to shoot quickly. Indeed there was. I was surprised by a small […]

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Project 365 – Day 18

Once again one of my local grocers provides the subject matter for this day of my Project 365. I was making a quick run just to pick up a couple of items at my local […]

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Project 365 – Day 16

Day 16 was a “weather alert” day here in coastal South Carolina. Very nasty storm was moving up the east coast bringing freezing rain and snow along with it. Fortunately it was just lots of […]

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Project 365 – Days 8-11

I will try to post a bit more often during this project. Sometimes life just gets in the way. Here are days 8-11.

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Project 365 – Day 6 & 7

Day 6 found me at Belin Memorial UMC along the inlet. There’s always something scenic to shoot there and I was not disappointed. If you are ever looking for something “creative” to photograph check out […]

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