Artificial Intelligence Part Two

Artificial Intelligence continues to spark conversations. Obviously there will be positive impacts from AI and there will be some negative consequences also. If you read my previous post you know I have not yet formed a “yes” or “no” attitude toward AI. I think there will be some good aspects and certainly there is potential for bad as well. In the meantime, as a means of trying to learn something about AI I have continues to create some images using AI.

The examples below were created using the AI of Leonardo.AI. All of these examples were created 100% by AI. All I did was input (for example) “cow standing in green pasture with cloudy skies, mountains in background” and within about 20 seconds several images would appear.

On the image below, they are exactly what the AI created with the exception that I sharpened them a little and changed the brightness slightly. They mostly look more like paintings rather than photographs but the AI is learning and will get better as time goes on. Hope you can enjoy these images!

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