Project 365 – Photo a Day

As we are about to closeout another year, it is time to start plans for another year. 

I have decided that I need a challenge, photographically speaking that is, and therefore in 2022 I am undertaking a “project 365”. Taking a picture a day is not a new idea. Many people do this every year. Some actually do it successfully. Some make up different rules as they go along.  The reasons for someone undertaking a project such as this are probably as numerous as the number of photographs that it will produce. 

On the surface this project probably doesn’t sound to difficult. Get up in the morning, grab your camera, look out your window/door, snap, done for the day. Somehow I don’t think it is going to be that simple. Hopefully one of the net results of this project will be that it will make me a better photographer. While I am sure that all the images will not be “winners” and that some days will probably “conspire” against me, I’m pretty sure that in the end it will all be a learning experience. 

I am not going to complicate this project by loading it down with a bunch of rules other than to take a photo per day. I am not going to restrict subject matter, in fact I may include some new (to me) subject matter. For example I don’t shoot people, but maybe I will include a few portraits in this project. Want to be a model?

Each daily photo will be posted on this blog. I am not going to promise that there will be a daily post, but each day will be posted. Hopefully, if I don’t post daily, I will post every few days or so. None-the-less I would value your opinions and comments and hopefully words of encouragement as we progress through this project. 

Stay tuned for January 1st!  I hope we can enjoy this project together. 


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