Our trip began on the Main River. It was all very serene. Everything about the ship was great and the scenery was fantastic. I was really surprised at how much traffic there was on the river. The first stop was Würzburg.

Straddling the Main River, scenic Würzburg is renowned for its art, architecture and delicate wines. The definite highlight is the Residence, one of Germany’s finest baroque buildings, though there’s plenty more to see besides. A large student population guarantees a lively scene, and plenty of hip nightlife pulsates through its cobbled streets. The city is also the northern terminus of the Romantic Road, Germany’s most popular tourist route.

In WWII 90% of the city center was flattened. Authorities originally planned to leave the ruins as a reminder of the horrors of war, but a valiant rebuilding project saw the city restored almost to its pre-war glory.

Wurzburg is the capital of Lower Franconia, an administrative district in the German state of Bavaria. It is located half way between Frankfurt and Nuremberg on the banks of the Main River – an important trade route.

The city is also the capital of one of Germany’s most important wine producing districts and vineyards dot the landscape as far as the eye can see. With a population of only 120,000 and hemmed in by hills on all sides, the city seems much smaller and more compact.

The citizens are friendly, the wine is refreshing and the sausage is delicious! With so many great things to do in Wurzburg, it is absolutely worth a visit!

Marienberg Fortress
Old Town
Wurzburg Cathedral
Tourist Info Center
Residenz Square
Neumünster Collegiate Church
Market Square
Fun Sign

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