On our last morning in Prague, Viking loaded us all onto some very comfortable coaches and we took off for Bamberg where we would board the Viking Alsvyn. This trip by coach would take about 6 hours but we stopped in Nuremberg along the way and got to explore this beautiful city.

So what did we get to see in Nuremberg? Here is a brief description along with some photos of what we saw.

The Handwerkerhof is located in the heart of the city sheltered by Nuremberg’s old city walls. It is a tiny little shopping area with shops offering locally crafted items such as wooden toys, leather goods, glassware and Christmas decorations, even though we visited in June, together with traditional restaurants. 

ST. LORENZ CHURCH This Medieval church which is dedicated to Saint Lawrence was built between 1439 and 1477. It was very badly damaged during World War II however it has since been restored and is really a sight to behold in Nuremberg’s Old Town.

The Hauptmarkt is a busy square in the heart of Nuremberg’s Old Town. It is a large square with a number of beautiful buildings and cafes, restaurants and bars surrounding it. 

The Schöner Brunner which translated into English is the beautiful fountain, is a 14th-century fountain located in Hauptmarkt. It was built between 1385 and 1396, it stands at 19 meters high and looks like a Gothic church spire, therefore you cannot miss it once you are in the square. It features 40 sculptured figures which reflect the world-view of the Holy Roman Empire together with a golden ring which, according to legend, if you turn three times whilst making a wish – it will come true. However, we are still waiting to win the lottery!

Nuremberg Castle dominates the Old Town of Nuremberg and is a place you must visit when in the city. The castle is made up of 3 sections: the Imperial Castle, the former Burgraves’ castle (Burggrafenburg), and the buildings erected by the Imperial City at the eastern site.

Market Street
Former Customs House
St Sebaldus Church
Ship of Fools Fountain
Schöner Brunnen
Imperial Castle
City Walls
St Lorenz Church

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