Next up on our itinerary was Antigua! We would re-visit Antigua on the second leg of this Back-to-Back cruise so we were excited to get a good “overview” of the island on this visit.

Antigua is one of the most popular destinations in the Eastern Caribbean cruise itineraries. Most cruise lines visit the island all year round although the peak season is between November and May.

Thanks to the diversity of its charms that range from paradisaical beaches, easiness to explore on your own, natural beauty and historical landmarks, Antigua appeals to visitors.

We visited some of Antigua’s top attractions, the Nelson’s Dockyard, Shirley Heights and Betty’s Hope Plantation. At the end of our tour we wandered into Redcliffe Quay which we found to be a quaint and very neat spot. Besides a good number of handicraft shops (and higher-end ones) ideal to buy gifts and souvenirs, there are a handful of cafes, bars, and restaurants to enjoy Caribbean delicacies. We were hungry for a nice snack and a cold adult beverage and stopped at the Café Napoleon which had covered outdoor seating so we could relax and people watch too! The food, the drinks and the service were superb and when the manager came to check on us we told her that we would be back next week and would make a return visit to the Café. She asked our name and said she looked forward to our return. Sure enough on the day of our return there was a “table for two” waiting for us!

Here are some images from our stop in Antigua including the Café Napoleon.

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