Project 365 – Day 25

Day 25 found me doing some yard work. I had my camera with me because you never know what you might find. On the side of our property that backs up to Hwy 707 there is a berm with evergreens and bushes along the top. It was early morning and the sun glistened off a spider web. As I approached the web I could see a rather large Yellow Garden spider. As I said, it was early morning and the spider had not warmed up yet, so was rather docile and wasn’t concerned about my approach.

The yellow garden spider is a common species that frequently captures the attention of gardeners due to their zig-zag web, striking black and white (or yellow) pattern, and relatively large size (Figure 1). Although their appearance may cause alarm, this species is relatively harmless and will generally flee rather than attack when disturbed.

Day 25

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