The next and last stop before heading to homeport of Ft Lauderdale was Antigua. Now if you have been following along you know that we visited Antigua on the first “leg” of this Back-to-Back cruise. If you missed that post you can read it HERE. And you also know that the folks at Café Napoléon were expecting us back today for lunch.

Because we had done a lot of exploration on our previous stop we decided to make today a short relaxing visit and just stroll around the port area. And that is exactly what we did. We took our time getting off the ship and walked down the pier and into the hustle and bustle of island entrepreneurship.

Finding our way to Redcliffe Quay and then to Café Napoléon we saw there was a short line (2-3 couples) waiting for a seat. As we got closer the manager saw us and called for us to “come in, I have your table ready”. Thank goodness the others waiting got seated almost immediately.  Again, we were not disappointed, the food was great and the service was superb.

After enjoying our lunch we window shopped some of the stores at Redcliffe Quay before heading back to the ship.

Tomorrow was to be a sea day and then we would be back at Ft Lauderdale. If you are wondering what a sea day is like I wrote a post about that just recently and you can read that HERE.

Continuing from the last Antigua posting, here are some more images from this wonderful island.

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