Although I had been to many Caribbean islands when I was in the Navy, I had never been to Cozumel. In fact none of our group of four had been there so we were all excited for a new adventure.

Cozumel is the largest island in the Mexican Caribbean. Rich in history, Mayan vestiges and natural wonders; an authentic paradise in the middle of the sea with white beaches, beautiful sunsets and world-famous for its coral reefs. It is a destination of adventure and relaxation where all kinds of activities are carried out in impressive natural settings.

Also in Cozumel you will find beaches for all kinds of tastes, of low or intense waves; all are equally spectacular and its waters house a wealth of marine flora and fauna.

We booked an Island Jeep Adventure Tour. Jackie and Jessica were in a jeep with a guide and Liz and I were in another jeep with a guide. Along the way Jackie and Jessica were planning to stop at a snorkel site while Liz and I were not. We all met up for lunch which was included in the tour. Instead of snorkeling, Liz and I stopped at a small tequila distillery where we also purchased a bottle of 28 year old tequila. I had never seen tequila this dark in color before, it was almost black but it was delicious and smooth as silk! We brought it home and shared it with a group of neighbors. We also got to visit El Cedral, El Ceracol, Penta Sur, and Faro Celarain.

Here are a few images from our trip. Oh yeah – Liz and I have been back to Cozumel several times since and have always enjoyed it. If you want to know more about visiting Cozumel, click this link for a free visitor guide.

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  1. R. Doug Wicker December 3, 2020 at 1:07 pm #

    We did an around-the-island bar hop tour. That was a blast. But the last time we went we boated over to the mainland and visited some Mayan ruins

    • inletbill December 3, 2020 at 3:43 pm #

      The last couple of times we have been we have just done a beach day. Next time might consider another island jeep thing, with or without guide.

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